Why lab grown diamonds are called ethical diamonds?

by greenlab21

As consumers become more aware of their products, from coffee to clothing, they are becoming more concerned about the sourcing of their products. Among their main concerns are the fair treatment of workers and minimizing the environmental impact of production. Diamonds are often one of the most meaningful and expensive purchases in a person’s life, so this shift in consumer culture makes sense.

What is Ethical Diamond?

An “Ethical diamond” is one that has been sourced through sustainable and ethical mining practices, humanitarian efforts, safe working conditions, and stricter diamond sourcing. Any diamonds that meet these criteria can be called ethical diamonds, regardless of whether they are mined or Lab Grown.

What makes Lab Grown diamonds exceptional as Ethical Diamond?

As we discussed in our last paragraph, any diamond can be ethical if it meets specific criteria. Then why do we only give Ethical diamond status to Lab grown diamonds?

Usually, diamonds symbolize the love between two people, but the process by which they are plucked from the earth and turned into jewellery has nothing to do with romance. Human rights violations, environmental damage, and violence have all been associated with diamond mining since colonial times. Sand from riverbeds is displaced to open up new mining areas, resulting in large pits filled with stagnant water, which breeds insects and diseases. It is also common for children born into miner families to join the same profession as young as five years old.

Since an emerging generation of diamond buyers became concerned about climate change and human rights violations, companies have begun seeking ethical diamonds. It is challenging to find natural mined diamonds that are sourced ethically, so they are very expensive. Due to the shady nature of diamond merchants, there is also no way for consumers to verify if diamonds were really sourced in an ethical manner other than taking their word for it.

Thanks to Lab grown diamonds UK, we don’t have to rely on natural diamonds in today’s world. With a much lower environmental impact than mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are a viable choice for consumers looking for fine jewelry diamonds. There is less damage to the environment, less airborne pollution, and less land scarring. Besides their reduced environmental impact, they are not associated with human rights violations or child labor since they are made in modern laboratories. An employee in a laboratory is an educated adult who is free to choose the environment and field in which he or she works. It made Lab grown diamonds the only conflict-free and confirmed Ethical Diamond. Ultimately, people want a product that lasts a lifetime, upholds ethics, integrity, and quality, and lab grown diamonds can provide you with that peace of mind.

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